Vyšné Ružbachy
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    The village is situated below the slopes of Spišská Magura mountains. It is known first of all by its spas with thermal healing natural springs. Its area was inhabited already in paleolit, which was proved by the findings in travertine mines. The first written reference is from the year 1329. Between 1412 and 1772 it was given to a Polish king as a part of a deposit given as a counter-value for a loan. Locals worked mostly as farmers, weavers and merchants with cattle. A well-known paper producing company and a saw mill worked in the village between 17th and 19th century and two mills, travertine mines and a communal electric plant existed even in the 20th century.
    Thermal mineral spa, Vyšné Ružbachy, was founded in the middle of a park at the western end of a village in the 15th century. The spa developed very quickly during the 16th century, when it was owned by Ľubomírsky family (owners of the Ľuboviansky castle). At that time the spa was often visited by the Polish aristocracy and Ugrian feudal nobles. After the spa was returned back to the Ugrian kingdom, it started to decline. When owned by the Zamoy family in the 19th century, it developed again – until the World War II. started.
    Thermal water belongs to the group of hydro-carbon-disulphate, calcareous-magnesian mineral waters. Nine springs produce together about 150 litres per second with temperature of 19–22 ºC. Neurotic and mental illnesses are healed most often in the spa. Ružbachy are popular as a place for vacation, too.
    You can find there the biggest travertine lake in Slovakia-Kráter (Crater), 20 m in diameter and 3 m deep.
    In the village there is a baroque Roman-Catholic church from the second half of the 17th century with baroque interior, and a Biely dom (White House), which was built on travertine rocks.



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