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    Hungarian castle (in Slovak “Nedeca”, originally called Dunajec, 566 m altitude) was built between the years 1320 and 1326 by Kokoš from Brezovica on foundations of a prehistoric roost. The castle was an important fortress of Polish-Hungarian relations and a centre of Dunajec and Zamagurie county.
    In 1326 the castle as well as the county of the Berzeviczy family were confiscated and became a property of Viliam Drugeth. In 1528 he got a county from Ján Zápoľský as a reward for the support of his aspirations for the Hungarian throne. Ján Horváth from Plaveč bought the castle county by the end of the 16-th century. The castle was renewed at the beginning of the 19-th century and in 1920 it became the Polish property. It has always been inhabited. According to the agreement from the year 1412, the castle was the place where the money that was lent by the Polish king to the Ungarian king Zigmund had to be returned. After the money was paid back, the Polish king returned 16 Spiš towns that were given to him by the king Zigmund as a deposit for the money.
    Interesting news appeared in the Polish newspapers after the World War II. It said that a relative of Sebastián Berzeviczy and his wife (who was a daughter of the last king of Inkas) came to the castle. Their testament from the year 1797, which was devoted to their son Anton and stored at the castle, allegedly contained information about a treasury of Inkas. At the castle there was really found a leaden case with some “kipu” writings, but it was lost in Krakow in the years after. Later, some other news appeared in newspapers about expeditions searching for fantastic treasuries at the lake Titicaca in Peru.
    Nowadays the castle is used as a museum.

Pohľad na hrad Niedzica z priehradného múru
Jezioro Czorsztyńskie a hrad Niedzica



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